Admete Reina Project

The initial idea for Admete came from the game of Overwatch – with a want to create a character of my own for such a vibrant universe that had enough wiggle room that almost anything was possible. Right after the launch of the game, after finding my inspiration in the in-game character of Reaper, I began to work on her just for fun – only to spin her into my first go as a test of sorts to see what I could do within the realm of character development: a skill set, a still working background, and a design that is still up for changes.


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Admete was initially created in June of 2016, and her design has continued to evolve since then with looks into “Blackwatch” versions and “Talon” versions.


Admete’s Kit

Every character has a set of abilities typically called a kit. When working on Admete, I decided to try my hand at creating a character kit for her. Some of her kit aspects are similar to those of the Overwatch character Reaper (which is partly on purpose, and due to my doing this initially for fun) and the character Sombra, who released months after this kit was put to paper in my notebook. The following is a direct copy over of that initial kit, with creative notes included.

Admete Reina Aka: Acherontia 

Role: Defense                                                                                                           Health: 200

Moth’s Wing (Passive) Admete can move faster than most, and without most of the clanking. [Note: Much slower than Genji’s base speed, but could most likely challenge a Soldier 76]

Atropos Shotguns (Weapon, Primary)

  • Type: Shotguns
  • Reload Time: 1.2 Seconds
  • Damage: 2 to 7 per pellet
  • # of Pellets: 25
  • Rate of Fire: 2 shots per second
  • Falloff Range: 10 to 15 meters
  • Ammo: 8 (4 per gun)
  •  Headshot: Yes

Trip Mine (Ability)

  • Type: Low arc projectile
  • Damage: Base of 20, modifiers  + x amount for varying types
  • Projectile Speed: 19 meters per second
  • Cool down: 10 seconds per slot, 3 slots total. Max 30 sec cool down, staggered cool down.
  •  Area of Effect: Base of 3 meters + 2 meters for explosives
  • Headshot: No

* Only able to be applied to the environment, not players

Trip Switch (Ability)

  • Type: Linear projectile
  • Cool down: 5 seconds
  • Damage modifiers: Only appliers to placed trip mines. Mines cannot be changed mid throw/place.

Death’s Favour (Ultimate)

Provides invisibility to allies within radius along with herself. Invisibility will be applied to allies that move into the radius while the ultimate is active, at the risk of team/Admete location being revealed.

  • Area of Effect: 11 meter radius
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Cast: 1.5 Seconds
  • Required Charge: 1,600


Trip Mine Types

*Several of these were developed for the writing of Admete’s character on the side, and not for any actual game potential of Admete’s character. 

Eight gauntlet options, colour coded. “Total” damages are stand alone and not added to the base 20 of the general trip mine. 

  • Orange: Low end charge, burn damage. 10 damage for 5 seconds. 50 damage total. 5 meter range. 1 slot.
  • Grey: Lighter smoke: No damage done, used for quick escape. 10 second duration. 4 meter range. 1 slot.
  • Red: High end explosive, causes a throw/knock back effect. 12 damage across 6 seconds. 72 damage total. 5 meter range. 2 slots.
  • Green: Seemingly harmless at first, poison kicks in at a random point in the minute after detonation. Does immediate 20 damage. 3 meter range, 1/2 a slot.
  • Blue: Knock back/stun. Causes a very “rag doll” stun effect for 0.20 seconds, knocking them away from the mine. 5 meter range, 30 damage due to blast, 2 slots.
  • Black: A thick black smoke, deals 3 damage over 5 seconds. Total of 15 damage. Hinders visibility and movement speed for 10 seconds. 4 meter range, 1 slot.
  • Purple: Blinding agent, deals 2 damage over 10 seconds. Total of 20 damage. Hinders vision. 3 meter range, 1 slot.
  • Gold: Pulse damage (electric) once triggered. 15 damage per second, lasts 5 seconds. 75 total damage. 3 meter range, 2 slots.

While this kit has never been truly tested, and a few base Overwatch character’s numbers have greatly changed since this was created, it was still the first kit I have ever put forth into the world and quite frankly one of the more complex of my character’s kit  and I hope I can maybe see aspects of it in a game one day, via my own hand.